Respectable people you got here.

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Respectable people you got here.

Post  Jibston on Sun May 18, 2008 9:35 pm

Hey, I'm just popping in to give a greetings, for when I was playing with Tibberius about 2 days ago, I liked his style, played very well, but was always nice when I tryed to make excuses for dying when he kicked my butt, granted that annoyed me at the time tongue because I was irritable tongue but looking back I respect that alot and I wish more players were like that.

I also played with Jager earlier today, I don't think he likes me much, but then again I had just woken up and of course wasn't the most perky and chipper person around Razz

I'm looking to join you fellas but I'm trying to get to know you more, as recommended by Tibberius and I'm hoping you'll take the time to get the better side of me Smile the side that isn't so bitter and annoyed

Farewell, and I'll attempt to see you men on the field Very Happy

By the way my in-game name is: Verin Seveneye


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Re: Respectable people you got here.

Post  Tibberius Bane on Mon May 19, 2008 10:21 pm

Glad to see you here mate, look forward to getting to know you better and kicking your butt more in 1.1, haha kidding. Maybe soon we can kick butt together? Very Happy

Tibberius Bane
Tibberius Bane

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