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Post  Tibberius Bane on Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:11 am

Every week we will play Vq. in matches, which will be announced with details the week of or before the next match. Part of this is to work on map balance for aoc and we are encouraged to post our thoughts on map balance on their forums. As a result of this, and the beating we took in the last match, there is going to be a practice everyday this week at 4pm EST. I don't expect all of you to make it to everyone or anything, its just to get guys active, work on teamwork, fight with ff on and work on individual skill. Lets give them a real fight this sunday boys!
Practices held on forsaken planet until further notice (server in the works).

-[BS]- Vs. Vq. Weekly Wolfandknightcopyjs6
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