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Post  Tibberius Bane on Wed Mar 05, 2008 5:15 pm

New recruits, or in our ranking system : Blasphemous Brigands, are somewhat limited in their clanly functions.

This is a new order that is being created to act as our "trainee program". The Ranking Officer of the Clan will, in co-ordinance with me, be responsible for relaying information to new members as well as assessing their skill level and when they will be available to join the clan in full.

The limitation of these recruits is that they may not participate in clanwars, nor are they eligible for "clan member of the month" awards. However, during their training phase they are encouraged to stay active, attend practices and sport the clan tag as follows: "-[BS]-BB. Name"

To move into the clan in full, you must have the support from both me and the ranking officer, however, due to the fact that you will be participating in clan practices now, your skill level will likely rise quickly, so fear not, you shall become a full member soon i hope, this is just a precaution to ensure all members who represent the clan are of the same high quality that the clan orginally was based on.
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